Keeping your flowers fresh

Finally, warm weather again – summer is coming…¬†And quite likely a bit warm indoors too.

So what best to do with your flowers to help them last as long as possible?

Change the water daily – luke warm. And perhaps add a drop of bleach – just a drop – to help keep the water fresh.

You can also trim a little off the flower stems – this can help draw the water up into the bloom.

And if you can avoid the hotspots in your room, your flowers will last longer – sunny windowsills will mean shorter flower life.



The Jubilee weekend

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are in for a weekend of celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Bunting, flags, and red, white and blue everywhere. Schools, villages, streets – parties everywhere.

Whatever you are doing, have a lovely long Jubilee weekend :-)

We’ll be closed on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, then looking forward to a fresh delivery of flowers first thing on Wednesday 6th June.

Have Fun!

photo credit: jaimelondonboy via photo pin cc