Funeral & Sympathy Flowers

Something we take special care of is your tribute flowers for funerals. From simple wreaths to more specific floral arrangements.

However you want to say goodbye, we will create the perfect tribute, from traditional wreaths, Oasis Sprays to personal tributes.

We have made fire engines, boats, dogs, Scrabble  boards, badminton racquets, football club arrangments and lots more! Tell us what you would like and we’ll do what we can to create that for you.

Call us on 01622 685849 to chat about your tribute.


Posy from £25.00
Single ended from £25.00
Traditional wreath from £30.00
Cremation basket from £25.00
Tied sheaf from £30.00
Posy pad from £30.00
Pillow from £40.00
Cushion from £40.00
Heart from £40.00
Open heart from £60.00
Letters £30.00 each
Gates of heaven £100.00
Angel from £80.00 (foliage wings), £95.00 (feather wings)
Casket/Coffin spray from £90.00 3ft
Cross from £45.00
Prayer book from £100.00
Horseshoe from £55.00
Teddy bear from £65.00
3D shapes from £100 depending on item.