Keeping your flowers fresh

Finally, warm weather again – summer is coming… And quite likely a bit warm indoors too.

So what best to do with your flowers to help them last as long as possible?

Change the water daily – luke warm. And perhaps add a drop of bleach – just a drop – to help keep the water fresh.

You can also trim a little off the flower stems – this can help draw the water up into the bloom.

And if you can avoid the hotspots in your room, your flowers will last longer – sunny windowsills will mean shorter flower life.



Ideas for Flowers at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and with it being a very busy and sometimes expensive time of year I thought I’d put some ideas together to save you a little money and get you to unearth your creative side at the same time!

Ideas for table centres, Christmas arrangements and gifts.

From around the house dig out anything from yoghurt pots, jam jars, tin cans (minus the baked beans!) and avoiding any with sharp edges, cut down fizzy pop bottles, empty margarine and ice cream tubs, aerosol can lids etc. etc.!

Now make sure they are clean and dry! Taking any fabrics, decorative paper, sticks, pine cones, Buttons, Ribbons ………..Stick around your chosen pot to make it look festive and pretty!

Next step – pay us a visit to purchase some oasis foam and flowers of your choice to arrange inside your container, we can guide you as to what looks nice together or use your own imagination! You can also gather foliage from your garden to save some pennies!

For present ideas take an empty box and find a plastic container to sit inside it (margarine or ice cream tub) then wrap up around the sides of the box with festive paper and ribbons, best to use double sided sticky tape (sounds like blue peter for those of a certain age who know what I mean) .
Place a piece of oasis inside the plastic container then arrange flowers, foliage’s, ribbons and baubles into it to make a festive gift. You could also buy a festive Mug or cup and saucer and do the same.

Get creative this Christmas time, I would love to see your designs so befriend us on Facebook and upload your photos!!